Missouri's Parent Education Program - Program Information

Missouri's Parent Education Program is supported through a collaborative partnership that includes the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), the Parents as Teacher National Center (PATNC), and the local school district. Each partner has specific roles and responsibilities that collectively ensure that families in Missouri have access to quality parent education services through this program.

Missouri's Parent Education Program DESE Contacts

Program Updates

Parent Education Program Structure and Planning Tool – A tool to assist school districts as they create a plan for service delivery using the Current Funds Available (allocations), available staff, and the typical number of hours associated with providing each component.

Orientation Checklist Supporting New Parent Educators – A checklist to support the Parent Education Program Supervisor through the process and requirements of hiring a new parent educator.

Contracting Services Plan – A plan that outlines the roles and responsibilities of each district that have entered into an agreement to provide contracted parent education services.

Requirements, Reporting, and Research

Requirements – Program specific guidance, procedures, tools, and timeline to support programs in implementing Missouri’s Parent Education Program.

    DESE Reporting – Reporting timeline and guidance documents to assist programs with Missouri’s Parent Education Program reporting requirements.

    PATNC Reporting - 

    Research – The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) contracted with the University of Missouri’s Institute of Public Policy (IPP) to examine the effects of the Missouri school district-based Parents as Teachers (MO PAT) participation on child outcomes.

    Supervisor Training and Resources

    Program Supervisor Training – A required training for new Program Supervisors reviewing program details specific to carrying out their role in an effective manner and a resource for Program Supervisors wanting a refresher.

    After completing the Program Supervisor Training modules, submit your feedback to HomeVisiting@dese.mo.gov.

    The following resources are companion pieces to the ECDA Administrative Manual. These resources are intended to provide guidance and instruction in meeting the requirements of this program.

    Sample Forms

    Sample Forms for Curriculum Partner Programs – These forms provide the required documentation needed to support the services being provided. Programs may include additional information on these sample forms to meet the individual needs of the district.

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    Parents as Teachers Missouri Curriculum Partner

    Model Affiliate Program
    Professional Development

    Professional Development opportunities, curriculum training, and resources for program supervisors and parent educators.


    Communication sent during the program year relating to PAT. (Program year 2022 archive)