Student Assessments

The Dynamic Learning Maps™

The Dynamic Learning Maps™ (DLM) project offers an innovative way for all students with significant cognitive disabilities to demonstrate their learning throughout the school year via the DLM Alternate Assessment System. The traditional multiple choice and status collection of data in a portfolio methods of testing do not always allow students with significant cognitive disabilities to fully demonstrate their knowledge.  By integrating assessment with instruction during the year and providing a year-end assessment, the DLM system maps student learning aligned with college and career readiness standards in English language arts and mathematics.

MAP-A Assessments

The MAP-Alternate Assessment (MAP-A) is designed to promote enhanced capacities and integrated life opportunities and is administered only to students with the most significant cognitive disabilities who meet grade level and eligibility criteria. No students may be tested outside of their assigned grade level. Student eligibility is determined by the student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP) team using DESE-established eligibility criteria.