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Evaluation Process

In conducting the evaluation, the public agency must:

  • Use a variety of assessment tools and strategies to gather relevant, functional and developmental information, including information provided by the parent(s), that may assist in determining whether the child is a child with a disability and, if found eligible, the content of the IEP, including information related to enabling the child to participate in appropriate activities;
  • Not use any single procedure as a sole criterion for determining whether a child is a child with a disability or determining an appropriate educational program for the child; and
  • Use technically sound instruments that may assess the relative contribution of cognitive and behavioral factors, in addition to physical or developmental factors.

Within 60 days of written parental consent to evaluate, the school district will hold an eligibility determination meeting with the parent(s) to review the results of the evaluation and to come to a decision regarding the child's eligibility for ECSE services. If the child is found eligible, within 30 days, an Individualized Education Program (IEP) will be developed outlining the child's present level of functioning, educational goals, and objectives, and the special education and related services the child will receive.

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