Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance

Provided by the Missouri AfterSchool Network (MASN)

How Can I Receive Afterschool Programming Technical Assistance?

Afterschool technical assistance is made available statewide as part of the services provided by the Missouri AfterSchool Network’s (MASN) Afterschool Resource Center (MOARC). This technical assistance is made possible through the partnership between the Missouri AfterSchool Network, Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), and University of Missouri-Extension for schools and community organizations providing quality experiences and learning opportunities for youth and families during out-of-school time. Through the providing of technical assistance, support, and training, the MASN/MOARC works to ensure that all school age children, youth, and families in Missouri have access to high quality, sustainable afterschool programs.

If you are a current recipient of a DESE Afterschool Grant:

If you are not a current recipient of a DESE Afterschool Grant but are interested in learning more about afterschool, starting an afterschool program, or already have an afterschool program and need technical assistance, please contact:

Brad Lademann
Coordinator, Missouri AfterSchool Resource Center
Missouri AfterSchool Network

You may also access MASN’s website for other technical assistance and training needs at:

What is MASN?

The Missouri AfterSchool Network (MASN) was established through a Mott Foundation Grant in 2002. MASN was developed as a statewide joint venture with DESE to support high-quality public and private afterschool programs across the state and to be their advocate. Partnership with DESE and the University of Missouri 4-H Center for Youth Development has provided the resources for MASN to start, strengthen, expand, and improve afterschool programs while providing the necessary tools, assistance, and models for emergent programs throughout Missouri.

How did the AfterSchool Network begin?

MASN was formed in an effort to bring public and private funds together so that they could be better utilized and reach more children and youth who are in need of high quality afterschool experiences. The network was able to use a portion of the public and private dollars to create the Missouri Afterschool Resource Center. For more information on the Missouri AfterSchool Network (MASN), visit

Where is the Afterschool Resource Center?

The center doesn't have one particular location. There is a project coordinator and several Afterschool Regional Educators (AREs) working together. There is an ARE assigned to each of the regions in the state. MASN's main office is located in Columbia, Missouri at the University of Missouri 4-H Center for Youth Development.

What is the purpose of the AREs?

The Afterschool Resource Center serves all DESE afterschool grantees as a first priority but they are available to be of assistance to any and all afterschool programs in Missouri.

AREs will work directly with afterschool grantees to aid them in meeting all their requirements of their afterschool grant, as well as any other technical assistance and/or training needed for their afterschool program. The consultants are there to be of service to you, your staff, and your program. They will NOT be there to police or monitor programs. Consider them a set of extra hands and eyes that can help find training, ideas, activities, creative solutions, and strategies to challenges that your program may be faced with.