Community Rehabilitation Providers

CRP - VR Agreement

CRP-VR Agreement (Updated 7/1/2023)

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CRP - VR Attachments

Attachment A - Assurance of Compliance

Attachment B1 - ESP-Deaf/Hard of Hearing Community Partner Plan

Attachment B2 - ESP-Brain Injury Community Partner Plan

Attachment B3 - ESP-Autism Spectrum Disorder Community Partner Plan

Attachment C - Authorization of Services

Attachment D - Billing

CRP Service Billing Matrix (UPDATED 1/3/2024)

IPS Service Billing Matrix (UPDATED 1/3/2024)

Attachment E - CRP Staff Training Requirements

Attachment F - Employment Skills Training - EST Proposal

Attachment G - Summer Work Experience Guidance

Attachment H - Employment Plan Requirements


Discovery and Exploration Service Plan

Additional Objectives Page for Service Plan

Discovery and Exploration Final Report

Additional Objectives Page for Final Report

Discovery and Exploration Report Addendum A

Discovery and Exploration Report Addendum B

Monthly Progress Report

Placement Form

SE Monthly Job Supports Report (billing for job supports July 1, 2023 - Present)

SE Monthly Job Supports Report (billing for job supports JULY 1, 2022 - June 30, 2023)

SE Daily Job Supports Time Log (Updated July 1, 2023)

Employment Verification

Summer Work Experience Plan

Missouri Summer Work Experience Survey

Missouri VR Summer Work Experience Report

CRP Client Satisfaction Survey Template

Practical Training Activity Log

Training Curriculum Review Rubric

VR Summer Work Experience Site Proposal

VR Publicity Release Form

Narrative of Services, Summary of Services

EBTT/Project Search

Work Readiness Inventory

EBTT Project Search Internship Monthly Progress Report

Individualized Employment Plan

Employer Evaluation

Missouri EBTT Project Search Handbook 


Assistive Technology/Rehabilitation Technology Questionnaire

Social Environmental Exploration (SEE)

Vendor Services Portal

Department of Labor Guidance on Unpaid Assessments for Students

Training Institutions

Training Institution Agreement