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Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) understands that businesses are searching for innovative ways to meet employment needs.  Our business services program can help connect employers with employees.

We are your regional and national access to a talent pool of skilled employees. VR specializes in helping you achieve the best diversified workforce. Our candidates are people with disabilities with a variety of skill sets who are motivated to work.

VR is dedicated to establishing long-term relationships with employers. We offer a dual customer approach by supporting you and VR’s candidates to ensure successful outcomes. Team members learn the daily functions, operations and cultures of your organization to match qualified candidates with your labor force needs.

We have expertise in business consultation, disability-related training issues, diversity and inclusion. Other supportive services include job analysis, assistive technology and reasonable accommodations.

We can reduce your recruitment costs by pre-screening applicants and save you money with our on-the-job training and retention services. We can provide you information on qualified tax breaks such as the Work Opportunity Tax Credit. Our business services are customized and many are free.

VR works with the Talent Acquisition Portal. This online system provides employers local, statewide and national access to VR employment candidates while providing additional services for businesses wishing to hire people with disabilities. To learn more, visit the Talent Acquisition Portal.

On-the-Job Training

Vocational Rehabilitation’s (VR) on-the-job training (OJT) program can assist businesses in reducing training costs. Our candidates are people with disabilities who want to work. When a business commits to hiring a VR candidate, the employer can be reimbursed for any additional training time if required.

OJT is individualized to meet the needs of employers and VR candidates. Employers can depend on our staff to provide support, consultation and resources at no cost to promote success for the employee and the business.

Work Opportunity Tax Credit

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) is a federal income tax credit to employers that hire eligible target groups with barriers to employment such as vocational rehabilitation referrals. An employer can claim a credit that is 40% of qualified wages for the first year of employment up to $2,400 for new hires employed at least 400 hours. The tax credit for new hires working at least 120 hours is 25% up to a $1,500 tax credit. The maximum qualified wages are $6,000.  

The Missouri Division of Workforce Development has more information on employer incentives.

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