Consumer Services

Consumer Services

Do you want to work but have a disability that prevents you from working? We have services and resources that may be able to help you. Whether you are looking for a job, wanting to keep a job, or hoping to move up in a job, VR has options.

By helping you reach your employment goals, we work toward our mission of empowering people with disabilities through employment. We believe employment is a vital key to independence and equality.

If you are eligible for services, a qualified rehabilitation counselor will partner with you throughout the VR process. The two of you will develop a vocational goal and an individualized plan to help you get there. Our counselors change lives – they help people with disabilities make informed choices, break down barriers, and build fulfilling careers.

How will you know if you are eligible?  Your VR counselor will work with you to determine your eligibility.

Our employment and training services can get you where you want to go.  We will be there for you to help along the way.

Let’s help you get started with VR

What We Can Do For You

Assessment – we can help you discover your strengths, abilities, and capabilities while finding out your interests.

Guidance and Counseling – we can build a plan with you that will help you reach your employment goals.

Employment Services – we can offer you assistance with job search, job placement, on-the-job supports, internships, apprenticeships, and supported and customized employment.

Training – we can provide you with many training options such as college, career and technical training, and on-the-job training.

Rehabilitation Technology we can assist you with rehabilitation technology designed to help remove physical barriers to employment.

Ticket to Work Program – we can help increase opportunities for Social Security disability beneficiaries to obtain employment, vocational rehabilitation, and other support services.