Meeting Room

State Board of Education Meeting Room

The State Board of Education Meeting Room is located on the first floor of the Jefferson State Office building at 205 Jefferson Street in Jefferson City, Mo. This room is reserved for use by the State Board of Education.


Roundtable seating is provided for the eight board members, the commissioner of education, the board secretary and up to four presenters.

Automatic microphones at each of the 16 roundtable seats provide sound reinforcement to ceiling speakers throughout the entire room. Four center-clustered widescreen monitors display computer and video presentations for the board members. Remove video conferencing is also incorporated into the room’s video display and sound system.

A laptop PC (with DVD playback, internet accessibility, sound output and remote slide advancer) are available for presenters. PowerPoint and other computer presentations are displayed at a 1920 x 1080 screen resolution.

Seating is provided for approximately 50 observers. Four large, ceiling-mounted monitors display computer and video presentations. A microphone-level multi-box provides broadcast-quality audio for members of the press. Free public Wi-Fi also is provided.

Jefferson Building

Hourly metered public parking is available on surrounding streets, and day-long parking is available at the Jefferson City Municipal Parking Garage, 201 Madison Street.

For more information concerning the technical capabilities of the State Board Room, contact:

Brad Scroggs
Director of Media Production Services