Blue Ribbon Commission

The State Board of Education’s Teacher Recruitment and Retention Blue Ribbon Commission is charged with delivering a report to the State Board in October 2022, which will provide a summary of the Commission’s work along with clear action steps, suggested legislative and policy changes, and any other specific and measurable strategies recommended to address teacher recruitment and retention challenges in Missouri.

Commission Membership

The 17+ member commission shall consist of the following:

  • 5 - 10 Business Leaders
  • 4 Legislators (two representatives and two senators, one from each political party)
  • 3 State Board of Education (State Board)
  • 1 Governor’s Staff
  • 1 Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE)
  • 2 Educators
  • 1 School Leader

While the commission is limited to the members above, the commission shall have the authority to establish workgroups that will provide expert input and feedback on teacher recruitment and retention strategies.

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Commission Goals

  • Develop a set of recommendations and clear action steps that address teacher recruitment and retention solutions, incorporating feedback and perspective from a wide range of stakeholders and Missouri citizens.
    • Provide guidance on processes and timelines, as well as the communication tactics and community engagement needed to meet the State Board’s goals of increasing teacher pay and improving retention.
    • Develop strategies for addressing long term and sustainable funding for increased teacher compensation.
    • Establish processes and strategies to attract the next generation of promising Missouri students to pursue a career in education, working to improve lives through education in their home state.
    • Investigate the climate and culture inside and outside the classroom impacting the well-being of our teachers and the respect for the profession as a whole.
  • Assist the State Board in garnering support for the group’s teacher recruitment and retention priorities. This includes guidance on navigating perception challenges from legislators and Missouri citizens, while clearly communicating the impact teacher recruitment and retention improvements could have on Missouri students, the future of public education, and overall economic development in our state.
  • Develop a set of measurable benchmarks for DESE to evaluate the effectiveness and impact of the commission’s work.
  • Work on aggressive timeline to provide an actionable set of recommendations to the State Board by October 1, 2022.

Commission Documents

The following data packets were prepared by The Hunt Institute and shared with Commission members in advance of the group’s meetings.

Commission Meeting Dates

Post-meeting reports/summaries will be available approximately two weeks after each session.

Additional Information