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MO Standards for the Preparation of Educators

Went into effect March 31, 2013 with full implementation spring semester 2017.

Program Standards

  • Standard 1 – Academics: Candidates demonstrate knowledge and application of general education, content knowledge, and pedagogy.
  • Standard 2 – Design and Assessment: The data from fair, valid, and reliable assessments will be used to measure the performance of candidates and educator preparation programs by program and certification areas.
  • Standard 3 – Field & Clinical Experiences: Field and clinical experiences, offered in collaboration with PK-12 schools, support the development of educators.
  • Standard 4 – Candidates: A diverse pool of candidates, who demonstrate potential for effectiveness as educators are recruited, admitted, developed and retained by educator preparation programs.
  • Standard 5 – Faculty: Educator preparation faculty are qualified for their assignments, recruited from diverse populations, and model effective professional practices in teaching, learning, scholarship, and service.
  • Standard 6 – Operations and resources: Operations and resources are necessary to govern, develop, support, and maintain the educator preparation program.



MO Standards for the Preparation of Educators (MoSPE)