MO Standards for the Preparation of Educators

Effective October 30, 2020

The purpose of this document is to provide guidance and outline the responsibilities of Educator Preparation Programs (EPPs) leading to recommendation for educator certification in the State of Missouri. MoSPE describes the program framework for institutions and organizations offering programs leading to recommendation for Missouri educator certification. This document was collaboratively developed by EPPs and DESE and informed by research.

Program Standards

Standard 1: Candidate Professional Knowledge and Skills, and Their Application – Candidates develop the content and pedagogical knowledge, skills, and professional behaviors of competent, caring, and effective professional educators.

Standard 2: Candidate Clinical Experiences and Program Partnerships – EPPs collaborate with PK-12 school partners to design and facilitate high quality field and clinical experiences that align with state requirements.

Standard 3: Candidate Recruitment, Progress, and Retention – EPPs demonstrate that the recruitment, support, and development of candidates are ongoing and purposeful, resulting in quality educators who are prepared to effectively support success for all learners.

Standard 4: Program Commitment to Quality and Diversity – Educator preparation programs and their supporting institutions employ a system of continuous improvement to gather and analyze data in ways that inform program adjustments; promote inclusion, diversity, and equity of their programs; and provide resources to ensure that candidates are prepared to engage in professional practice, to adapt to a variety of professional settings, to grow throughout their careers, and to apply strategies to promote inclusion, diversity and equity in schools.




Missouri Standards for the Preparation of Educators (MoSPE)