Educator Preparation Certification Program Changes

Certification Program Changes Information

The Department has developed a process for implementing changes to a certification program. The changes may include revising an existing certification program, adding a new certification program or dropping a certification program. Listed below are some documents to help Educator Preparation Programs with this process.

Per this memo, Educator Preparation Programs are not required to submit matrices with changes to their programs. Educator Preparation Programs are only required to submit matrices when requesting approval for a new program.

Directions for Submission of Documents

  1. Submit a different cover page for each certification program change.
  2. Submit a matrix for each certification program. (Use the List of Certification Matrices to locate and download the appropriate document.)
  3. Any altercations/modifications/changes to the DESE approved "Cover Page" or DESE approved matrix document will be an automatic rejection for the certification program changes.  Resubmission of DESE approved documents will be required.
  4. Email the "Cover Page" and "Matrix" along with syllabi of new courses to

Submission Documents