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Date Webinar Office
10/15/2014 October Special Education Finance Updates

This webinar will cover upcoming Special Education Finance due dates for October - November, coding and cash management, IDEA Part B payment request information, and time and effort reporting for staff paid with IDEA Part B funds.

Financial and Administrative Services
10/14/2014 Managing Digital Library Users in ART

This webinar provides step-by-step instructions for District Test Coordinators to upload new users and edit existing users in the Digital Library.
*Updated January 2015

College and Career Readiness
10/14/2014 Digital Library User Provisioning

This webinar walks DTCs through the process of uploading district personnel to the Digital Library. This is an updated provisioning process.

College and Career Readiness
10/07/2014 Dynamic Learning Maps 2014

The Office of Special Education has developed a series of webinars that cover the basics of what educators need to know and do right now regarding Dynamic Learning Maps (DLM) and the DLM manuals.  DLM is the new format for the state alternate assessment for students with severe cognitive disabilities.

Dynamic Learning Maps 201

Special Education
10/01/2014 October Core Data/MOSIS webinar

This webinar will provide information on current submissions related to Core Data/MOSIS, as well as give participants the opportunity to ask questions and receive feedback.

Data System Management
09/26/2014 Special Education Finance Update

This webinar will cover highlights about submitting the 2013-14 Part B Final Expenditure Report, 2013-14 Early Childhood Special Education Expenditure Report, and the Public Placement Fund application.  Upcoming Special Education Finance trainings and the Special Education Fiscal Monitoring Guide will also be discussed.

Directors of special education, financial administrators, bookkeepers and superintendents should participate in this webinar.

Financial and Administrative Services
09/24/2014 Nonpublic Webinar

The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education will be hosting a Nonpublic webinar to discuss the nonpublic registration form, the public school/nonpublic school consultation process, program evaluations, professional development requirements, allocation procedures, findings from the Department’s June 2010 Title I review, and other federal program issues. Both public and nonpublic schools are encouraged to participate. 

Quality Schools
09/23/2014 Core Data/MOSIS Back to School

This webinar provides information on the Core Data and MOSIS data collections for the beginning of the 2014-15 school year including the August, October, and December Cycles. Individuals responsible for collection and submission of Core Data and MOSIS should participate in this webinar.

Data System Management
09/17/2014 Trained Diabetes Personnel in Missouri Schools

The purpose of this presentation is to provide school nurses in Missouri with a framework for training staff as Trained Diabetes Personnel (TDP) in conjunction with House Bill 675, “Cade’s Law." 

This will help support student learning by ensuring safe and effective diabetes management for students at school.

College and Career Readiness
09/17/2014 Direct Certification MOSIS Submission

This webinar provides information on the process for LEAs to determine Direct Certification eligibility for students utilizing the Missouri Student Information System (MOSIS). The Direct Certification process was designed to simplify the application procedure for families approved to receive Food Stamps or Temporary Assistance, increase participation by eligible children, and reduce paperwork at the LEA level.

Data System Management


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