Home Based Child Care Collaborative Network

Toddlers playing around a water table

The Home Based Child Care Collaborative Network (HBN) is a statewide quality initiative available across seven regions in Missouri. This initiative provides free onsite consultation and training to increase the knowledge and skills of the child care workforce when working with children in home-based care.


Who is eligible for Home Based Network services?

Child care providers with six or fewer children that have a Child Care Provider agreement, licensed family child care home providers, and licensed group child care home providers in home based care settings.

What services are provided?
  • Annual Best Practices Training (clock hour training) specific to home based care best practices, such as engaging children, program structure, family engagement, relationship-based care, and interactions between the provider and child.
  • Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS) Observations to assist in identifying areas to target for improvement for each child care provider.
  • In-Person Cohort Trainings (clock hour trainings) tailored to the individual needs of each home based child care provider to promote high quality, responsive, and relationship-based home based care.
  • Onsite Consultation visits provided to meet the specific needs of each child care and early learning program.

Home Based Network Map

Home Based Network Brochure

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