Inspection Process

Both licensed and license-exempt facilities are required to have annual fire, sanitation and health inspections. In addition, licensed facilities have additional compliance monitoring inspections each year.

Licensed facilities are inspected at least once annually by staff from:

  • Fire safety; and
  • Environmental sanitation.

Licensed facilities are inspected at least twice annually by staff from:

License exempt facilities are inspected once annually by staff from:

Exempt facilities are not inspected by Section for Child Care Regulation.

Sanitation Inspections

DESE child care sanitation inspectors conduct thorough inspections to ensure the health and safety of children in care. Inspectors evaluate cleanliness, facility maintenance, water and sewer services, hygiene, food protection, diapering, and other various procedural issues that promote a healthy environment.


See articles above for the link to Sanitation Inspection Guidelines for Family Child Care Homes and for the Sanitation Inspection Guidelines for Group Child Care Homes, Child Care Centers and License-Exempt Child Care Facilities.


Child Care Portal Training

Informational Only
Child care directors, owners, and family home providers may complete this module on the Child Care Portal. This training provides detailed information on the Child Care Portal and the Show Me Child Care Provider Search.