Jobs Performed by Sheltered Workshops

Jobs Performed by Sheltered Workshops

Manufacturing Items

Shipping Crates - Wood

Tomato Stakes

Lamp Guards

Wood Pallets

Custom Made Furniture

Corrugated Pallets

Butcher Blocks


Shipping Spacers

Desk Plates

Rugs (Woven)

Wood Reels

Corrugated Boxes

Fruit Picker Boxes Loose-leaf Products Ceramics

Wood Speaker Cabinets

Metal Tie Down Straps Trophy Bases Badges

Surveyor Stakes

Wooden Craft Items

Wood Burial Boxes Signs/Plaques

Feed Troughs

Bee Industry Products

Picnic Tables Frames

Rabbit Hutches

Casket Interiors Fishing Lures Gloves

Miniature Furniture

Jewelry Bags Dog Houses Bird Houses

Physical Therapy Exerciser

Decorative Bows Toys - Wood Novelty Items

Wood Transformer Spacers

Ironing Boards Paper Flowers Dolls



Hand grinding/trimming

Folding/Cutting Labeling Laminating

Grinding and painting tent pegs

Spiral Binding Paper Cutting Paper Drilling

Inspection of gift and retail items

Printing Stapling Sorting

Inserting Tablets into Pad folios

Lacquering Shredding Documents Zip coding

Inserting Rings into Gaskets

Go-no-go inspection Double-sided taping Painting

Inserting Flyers into Newspapers

Strip paint Stripping (plastic) Staining

Stripping and painting lake buoys

Deterring plastic Attach UPC codes Counting

Sleeving plastic bottles and jugs

Wood working Bagging Collating

Inspection of electronic components

Paint filling (plastic) Sewing Flyers

Sort/inspect/ repackage clothing

Order filling Salvage gasoline nozzles Mailings

Furniture stripping and refinishing

Coupon verification Stripping gaskets Hot stamping

Wire bending and clipping

Lawn/Cemetery care Plant tree seedlings Wire stripping

Hand finish fiberglass parts

Cleaning services Hot gluing Soldering

Price sticker books/repackage

Sew casket liners Detailing Laundry

Destruction of pharmaceutical supplies

Strip rubber from auto steering wheels



Metals (aluminum)

Paper Mill ends Film

Promotional material

Food reprocessing Sealant Batteries



Stock feeders

Farm gates

Trailer hitches Wagons

Specimen bottles

Roller skates

Novelty items Toys

Specimen tubes

Sample product boards

Electric motors Bicycles

Electrical cord hanking

Fishing seats Food lids (liners) Valves
Bolts and Neoprene washers

Sport cap sub-assembly

Shoe components Pumps
Glove components

Money bags

Bags (papers/liners) Display kits

Biological specimen mounting

Plaque mounting Insulation blocks Chair seats
Paper speciality items

Desk drawer slides

Batter cable parts Lamp shades

Book display trays/insert books

Plasterer's tools Plumbing supplies Wire harness
Kits for manufacturing

Sales materials

Greeting card Prize egg

Insert "S" rings in rubber straps

Barbecue spatulas Wind chimes Hardware

Plastic painting equipment

Parts assembly Basting brushes Stationery



Shrink wrap

Heat seal Blister-pack Skin wrap

BC Wrap

J Wrap Polly bagging Magnets


Assembly kits Fishing lures Envelopes

Wild flower seeds

Golf balls Plastic pumps Hardware

Stationery supplies

Candy (Novelty) Medical supplies Ornaments

Repackaging (road returns)

Sales promotion items

Advertising specialties Premium items
Hospital admission kits Fertilizer (custom pack)

Pet food (custom pack)

Plumbing kits

Repackage bulk supplies for sale

Salesman's kits School supplies Tractor parts

Plastic cups and utensils

Stationery supplies Automotive parts Greeting cards

Printing supplies

Telephone parts



Pallets - wood

Soda cases - wood

Cloth, plush animals Telephones

Copper specialty items

Roller skates Clean diesel filters Ceramics

Gun stocks



Machine Operations

Kick press

Eyelet machines Punch press Shearing

Arbor press

Spot welding Grinding Forming

Clicker press

Drill press Riveting Paint rollers



Bottle filling

Bottle labeling

Box labeling

Can labeling

Re-labeling carton labeling and taping





Glass Plastic Corrugate


Wood pallets



Positive /negative posts for communications batteries

Wood component processing Racks

Christmas tree skirts - trim, inspect, iron, package

Mass producing wood components Finger cots
Kennel bedding Skids - up to 35 feet

Garden mulch

Livestock bedding Rubber gaskets

Band envelopes

Plastic combs bindery Survey stakes

Die-cut of tabs