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Paraeducators are identified as those who possess, at a minimum, 60 college hours or have passed the Paraprofessional or ParaPro Assessment (MEGA) and who work under the direct supervision of an appropriately certified teacher to provide instructional assistance. The Paraprofessional Assessment is for individuals seeking to be employed as teaching assistants residing in Title I schools.

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Paraprofessional Webinar Series
Webinar Description
Part 1-Paraprofessional Roles and Responsibilities
The purpose of this webinar is to define paraprofessionals' major responsibilities in the educational setting as critical members of the educational team.
Part 2-Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, Confidentiality, and Mandated Reporting
The purpose of this webinar is to make paraprofessionals' aware of the legal implications for confidentiality; develop skills to respond to others who might request confidential information about students; and to better understand their role as a mandated reporter for abuse or neglect.
Part 3-Communication, Teamwork, and Group Structures
The purpose of this webinar is to clearly define the organizational structure of the school district and learn how to effectively communicate with students and adults.
Part 4-Overview and the Special Education Process
The purpose of this webinar is to introduce frequently used acronyms; develop a basic understanding of the special education process; become familiar with how students are found eligible for special education services; and to discuss how to best support the students with whom paraprofessionals work.
Part 5-Behavior Management
The purpose of this webinar is to develop a basic understanding of the function of behavior; identifying the ABC’s of behavior; and recognize vulnerable decision points.