Facilitated Individualized Education Program (FIEP)

Facilitated Individual Education Program (FIEP)

Parents or school district staff may agree to conduct a facilitated IEP team meeting when both parties agree that it would be beneficial to have a neutral person assist the IEP team to efficiently and effectively address team concerns.  The neutral IEP facilitator helps to create an environment in which the IEP team members can listen to one another’s points of view.  The neutral IEP facilitator’s role is to assist the IEP team to work together to build consensus in developing an IEP that meets the student’s needs and is acceptable to both the parents and the school district.  This process is designed to be utilized when there is a sense from either of the parties that the issues at the IEP meeting may lead to significant disagreement or create an uncomfortable climate. IEP Facilitation is provided at no cost for IDEA-related cases and is requested through the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, Office of Special Education.