2013 Key Education Legislation

All bills below are effective August 28, 2013, unless otherwise noted. 
Please note that the links below are links to the Missouri General Assembly's website; by clicking these links you will leave the DESE website.

  • SB 9 (Pearce) - Creates the Career and Technical Education Student Protection Act.
    9/11/13 - Veto overridden
  • SB 17 (Munzlinger)- Creates Career and Technical Education Board, establishes a scholarship program for children with four specific disabilities (Bryce's law), creates an Advisory Council on the Education of Gifted and Talented Children, removes the sunset for individuals to obtain teacher certification based on certification by ABCTE, makes alternative retirement provisions under PSRS/PEERS permanent and extends the provision that allows teachers with 31 or more years of service to receive a higher multiplier to be used in the retirement calculation, modifies qualifications for system membership for the Kansas City Public School Retirement System and allows religious books to be used in public schools in certain situations.
    7/11/13 - Signed by the Governor
  • SB 42 (Munzlinger) - Establishes standards for the school protection officer training.
    7/12/13 - Signed by the Governor
  • SB 75 (Brown) - Authorizes training in public schools on addressing dangerous or armed intruders and on gun safety.
    7/12/13 - Signed by the Governor
  • SB 125 (Nasheed) - Allows tenured teachers in the St. Louis City School District to be removed based on incompetency, repeals the requirement that a notification of written charges seeking dismissal received during a vacation period be considered as received on the first day of the following school term, removes the prohibition on new teachers being hired while available teachers have been placed on leave of absence due to a reduction in force because of insufficient funds or a decrease in student enrollment, repeals a provision governing how a reduction in force based on insufficient funds or a decrease in student enrollment would be conducted for non-certified employees in the St. Louis City School District, requires the State Board of Education to promulgate as rule the standards, appropriate scoring guides, forms, instruments, and procedures under which the board classifies the public schools of the state, adds provisions relating to accreditation with some modifications.  Also modified are provisions relating to MSIP, requiring a public hearing rather than promulgation of a rule. 
    7/12/13 - Signed by the Governor
  • SB 170 (Chappelle-Nadal) - Allows members, who are elected, except for the Missouri General Assembly and any committee established by a public governmental body, to cast roll call votes if the member is participating via videoconferencing in such meetings.
    9/11/13-Veto overridden
  • SB 256 (Silvey) - Establishes the Task Force on the Prevention of Sexual Abuse of Children, mandates that the task force make recommendations relating to preventing child sexual abuse, deletes the sunset on the task force and mandates that the Department work in collaboration with the task force to make yearly reports, allows school districts or charter schools to provide annually to high school students enrolled in health education at least 30 minutes of age and grade appropriate classroom instruction relative to the Safe Place for Newborns Act of 2002.
    7/9/13-Signed by the Governor
  • SB 258 (LeVota) - Modifies the composition of the Kansas City School District board of education by reducing the number of directors from nine to seven beginning at the election in 2019.
    7/12/13 - Signed by the Governor
  • SB 381 (Kraus) - Creates the Innovation Education Campus Fund to provide funding to innovative education campuses to actively work to lower the cost of students to complete a college degree, decrease the amount of time required for a student to earn a college degree, provide applied and project-based learning experiences for students; and insure that students graduate with direct access to partnering Missouri-based businesses.
    7/11/13 - Signed by the Governor
  • HB 152 (Solon) - Allows school districts to authorize and commission school officers to enforce laws relating to crimes committee on school grounds, at school activities, and on school buses.
    7/11/13 - Signed by the Governor
  • HB 159 (Guernsey) - Waives proof of residency requirement for a child whose parent or guardian is serving on specified active duty military orders.
    7/10/13-Signed by the Governor
  • HBs 256, 33, 305 (Jones) - Authority is extended until 2016 to close operational guidelines and policies maintained by any public agency responsible for law enforcement, public safety, first response, or public health for use in responding to or preventing any critical incident which is or appears to be terrorist in nature and which has the potential to endanger individual or public safety or health under the sunshine law.
    5/31/13-Signed by the Governor (emergency clause)
  • HB 278 (Brattin) - Prohibits any state or local governmental entity; public building, park or school; or public setting or place banning or restricting the practice, mention, celebration, or discussion of any federal holiday.
    9/11/13 - Veto overridden
  • HB 436 (Funderburk) - Allows any school district to designate one or more school teachers or administrators as a school protection officer.
    7/5/13 - Vetoed
  • HB 505 (Haefner) - Requires a mandatory reporter of suspected child abuse or neglect to immediately report it to the Children's Division. 7/9/13-Signed by the Governor (emergency clause)
  • HB 542 (Love) - Creates of the Career and Technical Education Advisory Council within the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.
    7/2/13 - Signed by the Governor
  • HB 675 (Grisamore) - Requires the Department to develop rules on a physical fitness challenge for public school students (Cade's Law), and to develop guidelines for the training of school employees in the care needed for students with diabetes, requires school specific training for peace officers who will be working in schools.
    7/3/13 - Signed by the Governor