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2012 Key Education Legislation

Please note that the links below are links to the Missouri General Assembly's website; by clicking these links you will leave the DESE website.

  • SB563 (Dixon) - Higher Education
    Modifies the term lengths of the board of governors of Missouri State University so that no more than three members' term expire in any given year. 
  • SB576 (Stouffer) - Charter School Sponsorship
    Modifies provisions relating to charter schools.
  • SB595 (Kraus) - Due Process Hearing Panel
    Modifies eligibility requirements for members serving on a special education due process panel.  
  • SB599 (Schaefer) - Reporting of Gifted Education Programs
    Requires school districts to include in their school accountability report cards whether they have a state-approved gifted education program, and the percentage and number of students served by the program. 
  • SB631 (Parson) - Agriculture Education
    Modifies provisions relating to animals and agriculture.
  • SB635 (Pearce) - Omnibus Banking
    Modifies the law relating to financial institutions, school funds, private roads, real estate appraisal, agricultural education programs, liens, and state purchasing preferences.  
  • HB1135 (Smith) - Administrative Rules
    Requires the termination of all administrative rules based on the time of promulgation and allows an agency to repromulgate a rule that is set to terminate.  
  • HB1188 (Allen) - Asthma-Related Rescue Medications
    Allows a school nurse or other trained employee to administer asthma-related rescue medication to a student experiencing an asthma attack. 
  • HB1563 (Cauthorn) - Healthcare Services
    Modifies provisions relating to school social workers, prescription drugs, collaborative practice arrangements, behavior analysts, and an employee disqualification list.
  • HB1577 (Largent) - Enrollment and Educational Success of Foster Care Children
    Requires schools to implement specified criteria regarding the enrollment and educational success of foster care children. 
  • HB1608 (McNary) - Obsolete State Programs
    Repeals unfunded and obsolete state programs and establishes expiration dates for specified provisions.
  • HB1731 (Day) - Gaming Funds
    Modifies how gaming funds are used.