Division of Financial & Administrative Services

Special Education ListServ

What is ListServ (SELs/SELs2)?

February 2000, the Office of Special Education created the Special Education Listserv (SELS).  It has been and continues to be a limited e-mail group (with listserv being a misnomer since it really isn’t a listserv) available to only one contact person per school district/responsible public agency. It is used by the Office to disseminate important special education information concerning funding, compliance, data collection, professional development, etc. 

Donated Foods Program

  • SERVICE OR PROGRAM: Food Distribution Program
  • AUTHORITY: Federal: National School Lunch Act, as amended

SERVICE OR PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: The program provides a wide variety of meat, poultry, fruits, vegetables, cereal, and dairy products throughout the school year for use in the school lunch program.