Child Care Business Information Solution

Child Care Business Information Solution

The Office of Childhood will issue a Child Care Business Information Solution (CCBIS) system to all child care providers who care for Child Care Subsidy eligible children.

The CCBIS is a new system that will assist child care providers with the way they to do business. The CCBIS will allow each child care provider to maintain detailed electronic attendance records for all children in care and will track authorization, attendance, and payment for Child Care Subsidy eligible families.

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How do I receive the Child Care Business Information Solution?

Beginning late spring, the CCBIS will be installed at your home or facility. Each child care provider will be contacted to schedule a time to install and train you on the device. An estimated completion date for all child care providers to have the CCBIS device installed will be winter 2019.

How will I be Contacted?

The Office of Childhood has contracted with a company to install the devices and train child care providers. Child care providers will receive a letter and phone call from the contractor to schedule a time for installation. You will need to respond to the letter and/or phone call to schedule a time for the installation of the CCBIS. The installation and training will last 45 minutes. When the contractor arrives, you need:

  • To have the internet and working Wi-Fi
  • To have the person who manages the child care facility on-site
  • To be able to give your undivided attention to the contractor (not take care of children during this time)
  • To know your email address