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Supported Employment

Supported employment services may be available for individuals with the most significant disabilities requiring special on-the-job supervision. Supported Employment is defined as competitive employment in an integrated setting or employment in integrated work settings in which individuals are working toward competitive employment. Supported employment should be consistent with an individual’s strengths, resources, priorities, concerns, abilities, interests and informed choice. Ongoing support services are provided for workers with the most significant disabilities. If an individual is eligible, VR could provide community-based job training if other funding sources are available to provide long-term, follow-along, or on-the-job support services that the individual needs to remain employed.

How to get started with VR services.

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The Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) and Supported Employment (SE) programs are funded, in part, with federal grant funds awarded by the Department of Education. In FFY 2019, the agency received $61,980,296 in federal grant funding and $16,715,882 of state funds for VR services. Total VR funding of $78,696,178 is comprised of 78.7% federal monies and 21.3% of state matching funds. In FFY 2019, the agency received $271,772 in federal grant funding and $14,592 of state funds for SE services. Total SE funding from this award is $286,364 comprised of 95% federal monies and 5% state matching funds.