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Program Monitoring

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Monitoring Documents

Self-Assessment Packet

  1. Self-Assessment Tool

  2. Worksheet:  Fiscal Guidance

  3. Worksheet:  Program Performance Guidance

Onsite Review Packet

  1. Director’s Time Line

  2. Onsite Review Form

  3. Worksheet:  Fiscal Guidance

  4. Worksheet:  Program Performance Guidance

  5. Classroom Review Form

  6. Student Interview Form

Tiered Monitoring Process

Local AEL programs have been assigned to one of three cohort groups that participate in the cycle of monitoring tasks: 





Desk Review

Cohorts 1,2,3

Cohorts 1,2,3

Cohorts 1,2,3


Cohort 1

Cohorts 2

Cohorts 3

Onsite Review

Cohort 2

Cohorts 3

Cohorts 1