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Program Monitoring

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Monitoring Documents

Self-Assessment Packet

  1. Self-Assessment Tool

  2. Worksheet:  Fiscal Guidance

  3. Worksheet:  Program Performance Guidance

Onsite Review Packet

  1. Director’s Time Line

  2. Onsite Review Form

  3. Worksheet:  Fiscal Guidance

  4. Worksheet:  Program Performance Guidance

  5. Classroom Review Form

  6. Student Interview Form

Tiered Monitoring Process

Local AEL programs have been assigned to one of three cohort groups that participate in the cycle of monitoring tasks: 





Desk Review

Cohorts 1,2,3

Cohorts 1,2,3

Cohorts 1,2,3


Cohort 1

Cohorts 2

Cohorts 3

Onsite Review

Cohort 3

Cohorts 1

Cohorts 2

The tiered monitoring process is a cycle of three monitoring tasks: 

  1. desk review,

  2. self-assessment, and

  3. onsite review.

Desk Review

All programs will be subject to a desk review throughout the fiscal year.  Missouri AEL office staff will review required documents, reports, and data submitted by the program throughout the year. 


Using the AEL Self-Assessment Tool, local AEL programs in the Self-Assessment phase of the Tiered Monitoring cycle will be required to conduct a self-assessment of program operations and performance and report results to Missouri AEL by the end of the fiscal year.  

Onsite Review

Missouri AEL will select at least one half of the programs in the cohort group to receive an onsite review monitoring visit.  Selection criteria to determine programs that will receive an onsite visit include:

  1.  the program did not receive an on-site visit in the previous cycle,

  2.  the program has a new director in the last two years, and/or

  3.  the self-assessment indicates critical compliance issues.

Programs will be notified of their selection to receive an onsite review in the first quarter of the fiscal year.  Upon being selected, the local AEL program should prepare for the visit, utilizing the Onsite Review Packet. 

A review team comprised of Missouri AEL state staff and a cooperating AEL director will visit the local program and check for compliance with grant requirements. 

Onsite Review Report

After receiving an onsite visit, the review team will issue a written report which may include findings and/or comments resulting from the visit. 


This section of the report will be used to identify items that the review determined to be out of compliance with the grant or contract, fiscal management concerns, concerns with policies or procedures, and/or performance that is significantly below state standards. 

A written corrective action plan will be required from the program for each finding identified in the report.


This section of the report will be used to identify items that the review found to be significant or noteworthy.  No written response will be required to these comments, unless specifically asked for in the report.