State Board of Education Names Blue Ribbon Commission Members to Address Teacher Recruitment and Retention

Apr 12, 2022

At today’s State Board of Education (Board) meeting, the Legislative Priorities Subcommittee announced that members of the Teacher Recruitment and Retention Blue Ribbon Commission have been selected and will hold their first meeting in June 2022. Learn more about the 18 Commission members, who represent the business and education communities as well as the legislature and governor’s office, here.

The Blue Ribbon Commission is charged with delivering a report to the State Board in October 2022, which will provide a summary of the Commission’s work along with clear action steps, suggested legislative and policy changes, and any other specific and measureable strategies recommended to address teacher recruitment and retention challenges in Missouri. Learn more about the Commission’s goals here.

“This is important work, as high-quality teachers are vital to ensuring our students grow into the next generation of Missouri’s workforce,” said Board President Charlie Shields. “We are thrilled to have so many Commission members who realize their future employees will be directly impacted by this work, and are eager to collaborate and problem-solve on behalf of public education in Missouri.”

“When contacting potential Commission members, many questions were asked about climate and culture in our schools and how that impacts teacher satisfaction and retention,” said Board member Mary Schrag. “Commission members understand that addressing those issues is just as important as the issue of pay, and we look forward to these continued discussions in the coming months.”

As originally announced in December 2021, at the top of the Board’s list of key legislative priorities this year is addressing the growing educator recruitment and retention issues affecting public education. Click here to view the full list of the Board’s legislative priorities.