Registered Teacher Apprenticeships In Missouri

The Office of Educator Quality (OEQ) at DESE is working to support the development of registered teacher apprenticeship programs in Missouri. OEQ’s role in this work will focus on developing and strengthening collaborative partnerships, expanding access to information, and reviewing the ways in which current statutes and regulations may impact the creation of apprenticeships. 


  • Missouri State University's Apprenticeship Program. DESE has a consulting contract with MSU in order to support the institution's work with others around the state. MSU has one of the largest working registered apprenticeship programs in the country, and they are willing to share what they've learned. Contact them at
  • Missouri’s U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL) Apprenticeship & Training Representatives (ATR). The ATRs have a clear understanding of how to build a registered apprenticeship and experience doing so. Follow the link to find the ATR in your region.
  • USDOL Education Industry Liaison, Jamie Bennett



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