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Initial Student Services

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Student Services

Student Services


This classification, Initial Student Services (ISS), is valid for four (4) years from the date of issuance.

During the four (4) years that you hold this classification, you need to complete the following requirements before you can upgrade to a Career Student Services Certificate (CSS, valid for 99 years):

1. Complete four (4) years of Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) approved student services experience.

Approved student services experience includes at least half-time, contracted employment in Missouri’s public schools or in accredited nonpublic schools. Experience will be accepted when earned in nonpublic schools accredited by North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges, Western Association of Schools and Colleges, Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, National Federation of Nonpublic School State Accrediting Association, Independent Schools Association of the Central States, National Lutheran School Accreditation, or Missouri Accreditation of Programs for Children and Youth.​

2. Participate in a district-provided mentoring program for two (2) years. Your school will assign an appropriate student services provider to be your mentor;

3. Successfully complete forty (40) contact hours of professional development.  This may include college credits (1 semester hour equals 15 contact hours of professional development);

4. Successfully participate in your employing school's annual Performance Based Student Services Evaluation process.


To access your certification account (online profile) you must first log into DESE Web Applications with a user ID and password, and then choose the Educator Certification System link located on the User Applications page.  Your certification account (online profile) provides access to each of the following:

  • Apply for a certificate
  • Print out a certificate
  • View a certificate or pending application
  • View assessment scores
  • Check for the receipt of transcripts
  • Check fingerprint/background status

Please Note:  If you have not logged in to your certification account (online profile) in over 12 months, then you will need to register for a new user ID and password in order to restore your access.  You will need to follow steps 1 & 2 of the Educator Certification System Help Guide to complete this process.