First Steps Provider Enrollment Forms

ANNOUNCEMENT: The email address for submitting provider enrollment forms has changed. Completed enrollment forms should be sent to: 

New First Steps Providers – Enrollment Process

New providers enrolling into First Steps must complete the enrollment process in the order outlined below.

Step 1: Submit enrollment paperwork to the Central Finance Office (CFO). The date the CFO receives any enrollment forms or information submitted by the Provider starts a pending account. The Provider has ninety (90) days from the beginning of a pending account to complete all enrollment requirements and achieve an active account. All required forms for new providers enrolling in Missouri First Steps are listed below:

Step 2: Receive acknowledgement of pending account email from the CFO.     

Step 3: Complete MOVECHS Waiver Agreement and Statement and send the agreement to! The waiver must be signed, dated, and submitted to DESE after acknowledgement email is received and prior to the date of fingerprinting. Electronic signatures are not accepted. 

Step 4: Receive fingerprint instructions via email from DESE Early Intervention Compliance Staff.

Step 5: Complete the fingerprint process according to the instructions provided from DESE staff.

Change/Update Current Information

Current First Steps providers who need to change any information regarding their First Steps account must complete the Service Provider Information Form as well as any applicable forms to address the change needed.

Parents/Family Member Transportation Providers

All required forms for new family members who enroll in Missouri First Steps to provide transportation are listed below: