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Appeals Procedure

Data Corrections and Appeal Procedures

There are several types of data corrections and appeals. For any situation that does not fit one of the specific situations described below, refer to the last item in this list, Miscellaneous Data, Administration or Assessment Anomalies.

Types of Appeals:
  • Rescore/Incorrect Accommodations  (Assessment Appeal Form)
  • College and Career Ready (CCR) Assessment score (CCR Appeal Form)
  • A+ retesting (district letterhead)
  • Graduation Cohort (district letterhead)
  • MAP-A transfers (district letterhead)
  • Medical Waiver (district letterhead)
  • Participation/LND (district letterhead)
  • Miscellaneous Data, Administration or Assessment Anomalies (district letterhead)
Rescore/Incorrect Accommodation Appeals:

CCR APPEALS MUST BE FAXED TO 573-526-3045 BETWEEN 9/22/2020 AND 10/21/2020, BEFORE 5:00 p.m.

There is an appeal window during which LEAs may submit appeal requests. There is a cost for appeals that are submitted to the testing company’s for rescoring. For additional information, the grade-level assessment go to GLA appeals detailed procedures go to EOC appeals detailed procedures.  To submit your request for an assessment rescore or an appeal of the incorrect use of an accommodation that invalidated a score, please use the MAP Assessments Appeal Form.

CCR Data Appeals:

LEAs can correct/appeal the data received by the various testing companies (ACT®, SAT®, ACT WorkKeys®, AP, IB, etc.).  Reports are available to review the data for the Missouri School Improvement Program (MSIP) Annual Performance Report (APR), Standard 3.1-4 College and Career Readiness measures online in the Missouri Comprehensive Data System (MCDS) Portal.  These reports are generated from MOSIS Data Collection submissions along with multiple testing company test files and the data is updated when testing records are received throughout August.  The user needs to login to the secure side of the MCDS Portal, and review the reports by following the path below:

District, Charters, & Schools > School Performance & Accountability > Reports and Resources

Data is received from the various testing companies without a MOSIS ID. The department matches most records through the MOSIS ID system and for the remaining assessment records a trial is created in MOSIS Data Collection for each LEA called the CCR ID Clean-up and will be available August 12, 2019.  After LEAs update MOSIS IDs for records contained in the CCR ID Clean-up file and certify, until September 30, 2019, the MCDS APR reports will update.  If the MCDS APR report has a score that does not match a student’s score report from the testing company or is missing, please complete and submit the College and Career Readiness Assessments Appeal Form along with a copy of the official student score report.   

ASVAB scores will need to be reported through the MOSIS Data Collection System.  For additional information, go to the MOSIS website.

A+ Retesting:

Students retesting to achieve proficient/advanced on the Algebra I assessment for A+ purposes, may be removed from accountability by submitting an appeal on district letterhead. Letters must contain the information included below in the section titled District Letterhead Requirements.

  • Guidance: An assessment year begins with the summer administration and ends with the subsequent spring – Summer/Fall/Spring.
  • If a student takes the same EOC more than once in the same assessment year, the last score is kept for accountability purposes.
  • If a student takes the same EOC in a different assessment year (Summer/Fall/Spring), accountability does not allow multiple Proficient or Advanced scores, the second Pro/Adv score will be removed.
  • If the first score is Below Basic or Basic, and the next years score is Proficient or Advanced, the Pro/Adv score is kept.
  • If the student scores Below Basic or Basic both times, the district must notify accountability to remove the second score. 
  • For additional guidance of alternative requirements of the Algebra I EOC assessment score, please visit the website for the Department of Higher Education & Workforce Development (MDHEWD).
Graduation Cohort:

A common data correction or appeal is to a student’s graduation cohort. Most often this is manifested when a district discovers a student is not in the four-year graduation rate, but it could apply to five-, six- and seven-year rates as well. The common error which causes this situation is the student was entered with an incorrect first-freshman year when they transferred to the district for the first time.

If the student transferred in during the most recent school year, (ie: they were a senior at transfer), then the district can correct this by changing the first-freshman year in MOSIS/Core Data, re-upload and re-certify.

If the student has been with the district for more than one year, then the data is frozen data and will have to be addressed via the appeal procedure. Please see the last two sections below (Miscellaneous Data, Administration or Assessment Anomalies and District Letterhead Requirements) and submit the requested information by the deadline established annually for the APR.

Other common errors include incorrect entry or exit codes. Please contact Accountability Data at accountablitydata@dese.mo.gov or 573-526-4886 for guidance.


MAP-A Transfer Appeals:
Students that transfer out of a district during the portfolio collection must submit a letter, on district letterhead, with the date the student transferred. These instructions are also included in the MAP-A Administration Manual. Letters must contain the information included below in the section titled District Letterhead Requirements.
Medical Waiver Appeals:

An appeal may be submitted on district letterhead for students experiencing an acute (short term) illness that prevents the student from receiving instructional services. In addition to the information below under District Letter Head Requirements, the committee requires student attendance records and homebound status.

Miscellaneous Data, Administration or Assessment Anomalies:

For any situation not outlined above, provide the information below under district letterhead requirements, including an explanation of the situation and send to accountability at the fax number provided.

District Letterhead Requirements:

The following information must be included in your written request on district letterhead:

  • Student Name
  • Date of birth
  • Grade
  • County District Code
  • School Code
  • Content Area
  • Brief explanation of reason for appeal
  • Signed by Superintendent

Then fax your written request to: (573) 526-3045