Office of College & Career Readiness

BRC Updated page (DRAFT)

The State Board of Education’s Teacher Recruitment and Retention Blue Ribbon Commission is charged with delivering a report to the State Board in October 2022, which will provide a summary of the Commission’s work along with clear action steps, suggested legislative and policy changes, and any other specific and measurable strategies recommended to address teacher recruitment and retention challenges in Missouri.

Missouri Postsecondary Advising Initiative

About the Missouri Postsecondary Advising Initiative (MPAI)

The Missouri Postsecondary Advising Initiative is designed to ensure all high school students, particularly those in rural communities, have an advisor exclusively focused on helping them achieve success following graduation. The program, supported by federal COVID relief funding, will award up to 135 grants to eligible schools over three years. 

Missouri Purple Star Schools

The Missouri Purple Star school designation is awarded to military-friendly local education agencies (LEAs) that have demonstrated a major commitment to students and families connected to our nation’s military. Schools that earn the designation receive a special Purple Star logo to display onsite and on their website. DESE will honor the first cohort of schools earning this designation in fall 2022.