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Unit 7: Coming to Missouri

A celebration of our immigrant past hosted in Hermann

Listed below are possible research or discussion topics, online lesson plans, resources and other materials.  As you look through this list please consider that this series can work for grades 4-12, with an emphasis on 7th grade. Also consider that the series will be used with different purposes for different grade levels. This is by no means a complete list of resources, and we cannot guarantee the life span and quality of the web site addresses.

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Possible Research Topics

  • The American Dream
  • German Fest
  • The Maifest at Deutschheim
  • German Immigration
  • Hermann, MO
  • Godfreid Duden
  • Deutchschheim State Historic Site
  • "Emigration Fever"
  • Agriculture (grapes)
  • German Traditions
  • German Culture
  • German Architecture
  • Westphalia, MO
  • Henrietta (Jette) & Dr. Bernard Bruns
  • The Bruns Home, Westphalia


  • German Settlement in Missouri, New Lands, Old Ways
    Burnett, Robyn and Luebbering, Ken
    University of Missouri Press
    Columbia, Mo.
  • Report on a Journey to the Western States
    of North America

    Duden, Gottfried
    University of Missouri Press
    Columbia, Mo.
  • Hold Dear, As Always, Jetta, A German Immigrant Life in Letters
    Schroeder, Adolf E. and Schultz-Gelsberg, Carla
    University of Missouri Press
    Columbia, Mo.

Lesson Plans

(Select Immigration.  This site includes a German/American Scavenger Hunt)

Online Resources