NBC Assessment


  • The assessment consists of a maximum of 3 hours of test time with assessment exercises focused on content knowledge. (New for this year and subsequent years)
  • Written assessments ask the candidates to respond to specific prompts, some of which may be based on stimulus materials that are sent out to candidates well in advance of the assessment.
  • The exercises may be simulations of situations to which teachers typically must respond or explorations of particular questions on content topics and issues.
  • The assessment center test period consists of six - 30 minute sessions, with different prompts or questions administered during each session.
  • The only materials allowed in the assessment center will be NBPTS-provided stimulus materials and an approved calculator. No photocopies, handwritten notes, or publications of any kind will be permitted in the test center. 
  • Candidates must elect at the beginning of the assessment to either answer all questions by hand written response or by typing. No change in response medium will be allowed after the assessment has begun. 
  • Taking assessment center exercises prior to submitting portfolio entries presents NO disadvantage for candidates.

    Assessment Process