Office of Quality Schools

Federal Programs Automated Budget Instructions

Instructions for Completing Automated Application for Federal Funds

Browser Standard for DESE’s Online Applications

School district personnel must register to receive a user id and a password in order to access various online application/reporting programs. Anyone may access online application through "Public Applications" without a user ID or password.  Public Applications are for viewing only.

Graduation Requirements: How many credits does a student need to graduate?

The State Board of Education establishes minimum graduation requirements that are designed to ensure that graduates have taken courses in several different subject areas and mastered essential knowledge, skills, and competencies.  Local boards of education must adopt graduation policies that include at least the state minimum graduation requirements.  Local board policy may include additional requirements in accordance with need

Planning Time

Planning Time—Each full-time classroom teacher, including kindergarten teachers, shall have a minimum of two hundred fifty (250) minutes of scheduled planning time each school week. It is desirable to have fifty (50) minutes of planning time each day. Planning time is calculated between the official start and close of the school day and does not include travel time, lunch time, or time before or after school. (Planning time is not required for administrators, counselors, or librarians.)

Minutes of Instruction

R-1—Elementary (typically self-contained)—Each elementary student receives regular instruction in English language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, comprehensive health, art, music, and physical education. In K-8 elementary schools, students will have access to a total of four (4) exploratory classes.