Third Public Hearing on Education Standards Scheduled


The third public hearing on recommendations from academic standards work groups formed under HB 1490 will be held from 1-3 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 26. The hearing will be held in the State Board of Education meeting room on the first floor of the Jefferson Building, 205 Jefferson St. in Jefferson City.

Seating will begin at noon. The meeting will be held in the Board room with an additional overflow room.

Anyone wishing to make a public comment at the hearing will be asked to provide his or her name and address and to limit oral remarks to three minutes. Witness forms for written testimony will be available for those who do not get a chance to speak at the hearing. Anyone who is not able to attend the hearing may email comments to

The work groups made their final recommendations available to the State Board on Oct. 1, as required by law. The General Assembly’s Joint Committee on Education and academic researchers will have a chance to see and comment on the standards. Although it is not required by law, the Department will hold a public comment period on the proposed standards from November 2 – December 2. The review process is expected to take several months to ensure the standards continue Missouri’s tradition of setting high expectations for students.

Members of the State Board will have final approval of the standards. Their decision is expected in March of 2016.

High academic expectations are one way Missouri is working to reach the primary goal of the Top 10 by 20 initiative: All Missouri students will graduate ready for college and career.