State Education Officials Maintain Appointed School Boards in St. Louis, Riverview Gardens


Citing improving finances, academics and stable leadership in St. Louis Public Schools and Riverview Gardens School District, the State Board of Education voted today to maintain the Special Administrative Boards (SABs) in both school districts.

“We have to make a judgment on what's in the best interest of children,” said State Board of Education member Mike Jones. "If you're concerned about what's best for the children of SLPS, we need to continue the SAB." 

Board members also directed the Department to create a transition plan to return local control of St. Louis Public Schools to the district’s elected board when circumstances warrant.

"I believe the SAB has done the job it was brought in to do," said board member John Martin. "I also believe the elected board needs to know when they may return." 

The Board voted to retain the transitional school district designation of St. Louis Public Schools, which allows the SAB to continue to operate the district. The three members are appointed by the mayor, the governor and the board of alderman. The transitional district will remain in place through 2019. The board asked Department staff to present a transition plan at its April meeting.

The State Board also voted to continue with the same leadership of the SAB in the Riverview Gardens School District through 2019. The Department recommended the move in order to maintain consistency and stability as Riverview works to improve its unaccredited designation. The Riverview SAB would have expired at the end of June this year.