State Board and Department Seeking Options to Transfers


In light of the Supreme Court decision yesterday, the Department wants to emphasize the critical importance of developing a comprehensive plan for the future of education in districts that are struggling, especially those that are unaccredited. While we have no control over the transfer law itself, we believe that the challenges it creates underline the necessity for developing a system of quality public school options that do not require children to leave their communities for education.

“This is exactly why the State Board of Education is so committed to developing a comprehensive plan,” said Board President Peter Herschend. “Moving children from one place to another is not the answer. It creates hardships for families and has the potential to destroy communities.”

The State Board is scheduled to discuss various ideas at its January meeting. Following this meeting, a number of opportunities for public feedback and reaction will be scheduled.

“We want everyone’s voice to be heard,” said Commissioner Chris Nicastro. “Public education is the foundation of a strong community. Our children deserve to have all of us focusing on how to ensure they have the quality schools they deserve.”