State Board Returns Governance of St. Louis Public Schools to Elected Board

Tue 04/16/19 - 13:17

The State Board of Education today accepted a recommendation from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to dissolve the Transitional School District of St. Louis, effective July 1. The board noted that the Transitional School District has met the goals for which it was established. The vote means that governance of St. Louis Public Schools (SLPS) will return to the elected board. The district has operated under the leadership of a Special Administrative Board (SAB) since 2007.

Speaking to the members of the elected board who attended the meeting, State Board member Mike Jones said, “The oath you take is on behalf of 22,000 students who cannot represent themselves. Trust your judgment.”

Members of the SAB include Rick Sullivan, Richard Gaines, Darnetta Clinkscale (2016 to present) and Melanie Adams (2007-2016). Under the SAB’s direction, student and district performance has improved. The district has achieved financial stability, earned full accreditation and stabilized its leadership. 

SLPS became unaccredited in 2007 and remained so until 2012, when the State Board granted provisional accreditation. The district has been fully accredited since 2017.

Sitting members of the elected board have completed an extensive training process with the Missouri School Boards’ Association. The training was suggested by the SAB in its recommendation in 2018 that governance of SLPS return to the elected board. Members who were elected in April 2019 are required by law to participate in 16 hours of training.