State Board Holds Work Session on Unaccredited Districts


The State Board of Education met in a special work session Monday to discuss the ideas submitted during the past several months to address the needs of children in unaccredited districts. Staff members from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education guided the discussion, which focused on the major areas of governance and policy.

"As the Department works to develop a draft plan for the appropriate role of the State in providing support and, if necessary, intervention in unaccredited schools, we will rely on the policy guidance offered by our Board," said Missouri Commissioner of Education Chris Nicastro.

The Department will assemble the first draft of the plan for presentation to the State Board at its regular meeting on Feb. 18.

"Timing is critical,” said Commissioner Nicastro. "We have a collective responsibility to ensure that every child, in every community, all over Missouri has access to a quality education. And doing so without disruption to the children we're trying to help will be essential."

Public feedback opportunities regarding the draft presented to the State Board will be available at a later date.