Normandy Schools Collaborative Classified as Unaccredited


The State Board of Education today voted to restore the Normandy Schools Collaborative’s unaccredited classification. The district’s Joint Executive Governing Board (JEGB) will remain in place.

Families in the Normandy district have made it clear they want high-quality schools in their own neighborhoods. In response to that desire, and in an effort to preserve the financial stability of the Normandy Schools Collaborative, the State Board brought Normandy schools under state oversight in July 2014.

“Today’s vote is in no way a reflection of the progress we see happening in the district,” said Charlie Shields, State Board member.

The Department continues to support the Normandy Schools Collaborative as the district works toward accreditation.

A recent court ruling stated that the Normandy Schools Collaborative is unaccredited and that students may continue to transfer from Normandy to surrounding districts, with Normandy paying tuition and some transportation costs. Tuition rates for 2014-15 range from $7,200 to more than $20,000 per student, depending on the rate set by the receiving district.

The Missouri General Assembly is continuing its work on legislation dealing with student transfers and tuition.