Normandy Joint Executive Governing Board Holds First Meeting

Tue 07/01/14 - 10:09

On the initial day of official operation as the Normandy Schools Collaborative, members of the Joint Executive Governing Board held their first meeting Tuesday, chaired by Superintendent Dr. Tyrone McNichols. They focused on adopting critical operating policies and discussing outreach possibilities with area legislators, community members and others interested in the future of Normandy schools.

“The Joint Executive Governing Board is making a fresh start for Normandy that will elevate best practices and, most importantly, help students achieve,” said Commissioner of Education Chris Nicastro.

State Board Vice President Michael Jones conducted the swearing in for the Joint Executive Governing Board members: Reginald Dickson, Charles Pearson, Richard Ryffel, Andrea Terhune and Sheila Grimes Williams. The State Board appointed Terhune and Williams on Monday, June 30, to bring the total number of members to five.

“The State Board of Education may own the railroad,” Jones told the board, “but you all run the train.”

The Joint Executive Governing Board was appointed by the State Board of Education to replace the elected board of the former Normandy School District. The Normandy Schools Collaborative is a state oversight district formed to reverse a cycle of low achievement in the district.