Missouri Scores Hold Steady in Nation’s Report Card

Thu 11/07/13 - 17:40

Test scores in math and reading for Missouri fourth-grade and eighth-grade students are virtually unchanged from two years ago, according to the latest report from the National Center for Educational Statistics.

“We still have work to do to reach our Top 10 By 20 goals,” said Chris Nicastro, Commissioner of Education. “It’s our job to help all Missouri students achieve their potential and graduate ready for college and career.”

NAEP is one of the measures used to gauge progress toward the Top 10 By 20 goals, which are intended to place Missouri in the top ten performing states in education by 2020.

The average Missouri score in fourth-grade math was 240, compared with an average score of 242 for public school students across the nation. The results also show that only 39 percent of Missouri fourth-graders scored at or above the NAEP proficient level, with five percent rated as advanced. The test was administered to 3,100 Missouri fourth-grade students.

Missouri fourth-graders’ reading scores averaged 222, about the same as the national average. Thirty-five percent of students scored at or above the proficient level, with seven percent at advanced. About 3,200 Missouri students took the reading test.

Eighth-grade students scored an average of 283 on the math test. Thirty-three percent scored at or above proficient, with seven percent scoring at advanced.

In reading, eighth-graders’ scores averaged 267, with 36 scoring at or above the proficient level, including four percent who scored at advanced. The reading and math tests were given to 2,700 Missouri eight-grade students.

More information about the test results is available at http://nationsreportcard.gov/reading_math_2013/.