Calhoun R-VIII Presents Improvement Plan to State Board

Tue 02/17/15 - 09:52

The State Board of Education received an update from Calhoun R-VIII regarding its school improvement plan during Tuesday’s State Board meeting.

District superintendent Dr. Chris Small presented strategies, interventions and targets for academic performance as the district strives for full accreditation. Calhoun R-VIII,  located in Henry County, is provisionally accredited. Caruthersville 18 and Hayti R-II postponed their presentations to a later date due to inclement weather.

“We continue to monitor progress and offer our guidance and assistance to districts in need,” said Missouri Commissioner of Education Margie Vandeven. “ALL Missouri students deserve access to a high quality education.”

Calhoun R-VIII, which currently serves 135 students in grades K-12, houses an early childhood education center with 65 students from seven surrounding school districts. The district also remains focused on career education with the majority of juniors and seniors attending classes at the career center.

Small said the district is addressing attendance issues in grades 7-12 with the formation of a “Rapid Response Force.” This includes better use of technology and structured home visits with students and their families regarding attendance.

“Kids can’t learn if they aren’t in their seats,” said Dr. Small.

The Department has the authority and responsibility to offer more supervision, assistance, and if necessary, intervention to prevent districts or schools from falling below accredited levels. The Missouri School Improvement Program Plan for Support and Intervention requires districts that are provisionally accredited or unaccredited to participate in specific interventions.

Ensuring that all Missouri students graduate ready for college and careers is a goal of the state’s Top 10 by 20 initiative, which calls for Missouri to be one of the top 10 states for education by 2020.