Board President Statement

Wed 11/20/13 - 17:32

The President of the State Board of Education, Peter Herschend, has issued the following statement in response to claims that the Commissioner assisted an education reform organization with a ballot initiative. The Commissioner and her staff routinely respond to requests for review of legislative proposals. In this case the primary focus was on alignment with the Department's work on a state model for educator evaluation.

“It is the duty of Missouri Commissioner of Education to serve all members of the public not just select groups. It's unfortunate that special interest groups want the Commissioner to choose sides in debates that serve the interests of adults not children. The Department and the State Board of Education remain focused on what is really important to education in Missouri: helping our children succeed.

Change has come swiftly in Missouri as the Department implements the transformations of education that our children deserve. Whether it's higher standards for students and teachers or making sure we are honest about the performance of our schools, the Commissioner and the State Board will continue to put our children's needs first.”