Student Health and Wellness


Trained Diabetes Personnel in Missouri Schools 

This webinar is designed as a resource for school nurses throughout the state. The purpose of this webinar is to provide school nurses in Missouri with a framework for training staff as Trained Diabetes Personnel (TDP). House Bill 675, passed and signed into law in 2013, provides an opportunity for Missouri public schools to train staff to assist in the care of students with diabetes while at school. Although this is optional for schools and districts, the intent is to help support student learning by ensuring safe and effective diabetes management for students at school.

Child Sexual Abuse

Missouri's Online Mandated Reporter Training is Now Available!

Training Website:    

This is a free, online program designed for all mandated reporters.  It is divided into four lessons:

  1. Legal Requirements of the Mandated Reporter
  2. Child Abuse/Neglect Defined and Indicators of Child Abuse/Neglect
  3. Plan for Responding to Suspicions Child Abuse/Neglect
  4. Effectively Reporting

In addition to these lessons, the training contains a pre- and post-test, and frequently-asked-questions section. 

The training is intended to be used as an ongoing resource for mandated reporters. Participants may choose to explore the supplemental resources provided throughout the training. The training is self-paced; participants should allow themselves one to three hours to complete.  

Participants who score 80% or greater on the training post-test will earn 0.5 Continuing Education Units (CEUs).