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Normandy Overview

On July 1, 2014, the State Board of Education created the Normandy Schools Collaborative in the same boundary as the Normandy School District. Feedback from parents, students, staff and community members made it clear it was important to keep schools open within the Normandy community. The only feasible way to accomplish this was to establish a new district under the oversight of the State Board of Education.

Those in Normandy were clear on their expectations and wishes, which included: 

  • Schools in the community 
  • Quality education for every child
  • Support from the Department, the State and others

A fresh start will allow the district the opportunity to break the cycle of persistent low achievement by making deep and fundamental cuts to school operations.

Joint Executive Governing Board

The Normandy Schools Collaborative is governed by a Joint Executive Governing Board (JEGB) with members appointed by the State Board of Education.

Many of the Board's actions and the Department's recommendations came from the Normandy Transition Task Force, established in March 2014, to develop a specific plan for the operation of schools in the Normandy School District. Some of its other recommendations included community partnerships, early childhood education and wraparound services for students and their families. The report the task force created can be viewed here: Transition Task Force Report to State Board.

In December 2014, the State Board of Education voted to transfer increased authority to the JEGB. This includes evaluation, hiring and discipline of personnel and the ongoing implementation of the NSC Accountability Plan.


The Normandy Schools Collaborative is a provisionally accredited district. The Department will continuously review student progress. The Joint Executive Governing Board makes quarterly reports to the State Board of Education.

General Information

Anyone with questions or in need of general information about the district is asked to contact Maureen Clancy-May at 314-800-8467. 

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