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Summary of House Bill

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Summary of House Bill
Requires an annual report from DESE to the State Legislature about the literacy of blind and visually impaired children; requires DESE and Rehabilitation Services for the Blind to develop a joint referral system; creates the Blindness Skills Specialist Fund; requires school districts to give preference in purchasing textbook materials to textbook vendors that make materials available in Braille, or an electronic format approved by DESE; requires that every infant born in MO shall be screened for hearing loss, and establishes the Newborn Hearing Screening Advisory Committee; requires that health insurance companies provide coverage for the Newborn Hearing Screening, Rescreening, Audiological Assessment, and Followup, and Initial Amplification.

  • 162.1130 Definitions
  • 162.1133 Blindness Skills Specialist available at each regional professional development center, duties - task force established
  • 162.1136 Annual study conducted, educational status of eligible students - report to the general assembly, contents. 
  • 162.1139 Joint referral service developed, rehabilitation services.
  • 162.1142 Blindness skills specialist fund created


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