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Missouri law requires school districts and charter schools to create a policy on the use of seclusion or restraint to discipline students or manage their behavior. Schools are also required to report incidents of seclusion and restraint.




Best Practices and Additional Resources

Model Policy on Seclusion and Restraint

Seclusion and Restraint Statutes, Regulations, Policies and Guidance (

Center on PBIS - Restraint/Seclusion

Seclusion and Restraint Data Reporting and Trend Reports

Seclusion and Restraint 2023-24 (statewide numbers for 2023-24 to date)

Seclusion and Restraint 2022-23 (statewide numbers for 2022-23)

Seclusion and Restraint Monthly Trends (numbers of seclusions and restraints by month)

These reports can also be found on the MCDS home page. To find the data click 'Reports' at the top, then on the left side scroll to 'Students,' then choose 'Seclusion and Restraint.'

Reporting Data in DESE's Tiered Monitoring Web Application

Seclusion and Restraint data entry/view is accessible to 

  1. LEA Admins (save and submit) and
  2. LEA Users who have been granted View (view only) or Data Entry, or Authorized Representative (save and submit) rights to the Seclusion and Restraint section within the Tiered Monitoring application

Select “Seclusion and Restraint” from the Tiered Monitoring Utilities menu

Seclusion and Restraint Reporting Instructions

Data fields are listed in the reporting instructions.

  • Single incidents can be entered using the “Add Incident” functionality
  • Multiple incidents can be added using the “Bulk Incident Import” functionality and the “Template File”

Upload of report provided to parent/guardian is required in addition to the data fields for each incident of seclusion or restraint

  • Single reports can be uploaded using the “Upload File” functionality on the Incident Record
  • Multiple reports can be uploaded using the “File Repository (Multi File Upload)” option. Reports cannot be linked to the incident data using the Multi File Upload option, therefore, when uploading multiple reports, use the following (or similar) file naming convention: ######_StudentNameOrInitialsOrMOSISID_mm-dd-yyyy, where ###### is the six digit County-District Code and mm-dd-yyyy is the date of the incident. Example: 001090_JackBlack_10-07-2022.pdf or 115115_5432154321_10-11-2022
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked Questions on Seclusion and Restraint

Seclusion and Restraint Reporting Instructions