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Frequently Asked Questions: Mo Course Access Program

What if the local district refuses to develop the IEP?

The local district will be out of compliance if it fails to develop an IEP for a child with a disability. HOWEVER there is no requirement that the IEP team find that the virtual school is an appropriate setting. Students who are not enrolled in the local school district are parentally enrolled students participating in a public instructional program. The local school district is not required to prepare parentally enrolled students, but they may be eligible for services under the proportionate share requirements of the IDEA.

Are there age requirements for the elementary and high school programs? Can students of one age take courses from another program?

Younger students are permitted to take higher level courses. When older students take elementary classes, they may not earn credit for completing elementary classes.  However, if an IEP team determines that the child needs a certain level of course work that is offered by MOCAP the IEP will be implemented as it is written.