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News and Updates

2019 Annual Performance Report

MSIP 6 Development

Missouri School Improvement Program (MSIP) is the state’s school accountability system for reviewing and accrediting public school districts in Missouri. The overarching goal is help our public school districts prepare every child for success in school and life.

MSIP began in 1990 and is preparing to enter is sixth revision. The department is in the process of revising MSIP 5 to move Missouri to MSIP 6.

Please visit the MSIP 6 page for more information and keep checking back to follow the progress of MSIP 6 development.

Graduation Requirements

Districts are reminded about two graduation requirements which are now in place. Please refer to Administrative Memo QS-17-008 for more information.

  • CPR Instruction applies immediately. May 2018 graduates must have received 30 minutes of CPR instruction and it needs to be noted on their transcripts. Check with your student information system vendor to make sure they have included this field.

  • Missouri Civics Education Initiative applies to students entering high school this year (Fall 2017). By the time these students graduate, they need to have passed an examination on the provisions and principles of American civics. 

MSIP 5 Comprehensive Guide to Missouri School Improvement Program ( 2016 | 2017/ 2018 )


What Happens When a School District Becomes Unaccredited? 

Accountability Plan Template

Current Assessment Plan (Assessment Schedule - page 79, Appendix B of the Comprehensive guide)

During the State Board’s May 17, 2016 meeting, the impact of the new science assessments (Grade Level and biology) on the Annual Performance Report (APR) was discussed. The following plan will allow districts to focus on the new science standards, eliminate double testing in this area, and conserve DESE’s limited assessment budget. Please refer to Administrative Memo QS-17-007 for more information.