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Project Lead The Way

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Project Lead The Way (PLTW) offers a dynamic high school program that provides students with real-world learning and hands-on experience. Students interested in engineering, biomechanics, aeronautics, biomedical sciences and other applied math and science arenas will discover PLTW is an exciting portal into these industries.

PLTW Pre-Engineering Program

Presently, there are six courses in the PLTW High School Pre-engineering Program which include foundational courses (intro to engineering design, principles of engineering), specialization courses (digital electronics, computer integrated manufacturing, civil engineering and architecture, biotechnical engineering, aerospace engineering), and a capstone course (engineering design and development). There are 96 high school Pre-Engineering programs running in Missouri high schools.

PLTW Biomedical Sciences Program

The Project Lead The Way Biomedical Sciences program is an integrated high school program divided into four sections, each section building upon the previous. Students interested in the human body find the PLTW Biomedical Sciences program a great introduction to the numerous medical fields, as well as teaching them how the skills they learn are used in the biomedical sciences. PLTW Biomedical Sciences augments existing high school science and math college preparatory programs to establish a solid background in biomedical science. There are 28 high school Biomedical Sciences programs running in Missouri high schools.

PLTW Middle School Program

Gateway To Technology (GTT) consists of nine-week, stand-alone units which can be implemented in grades 6 – 8, as determined by each school. GTT harnesses the enthusiasm and energy of middle school students. The program focuses on showing, not telling, students how to use engineering skills to solve everyday problems. The curriculum exposes students to a broad overview of the field of technology. It includes such units as Design and Modeling, The Magic of Electrons, The Science of Technology, Automation and Robotics, and Flight and Space. There are 52 PLTW Gateway to Technology programs running in Missouri middle schools.

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