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Proposed Rules

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The following are Proposed Rules that the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has submitted to the Secretary of State for Publication in the Missouri Register. These rules will not go into effect until the public has had an opportunity to submit written comments, and to attend a public hearing if one is scheduled. 

Any person may offer comments on a Proposed Rule. The instructions for submitting comments, and the location and date of a hearing if one is scheduled, are located after the text of each rule. Please note that the official text of a Proposed Rule is the version that appears in the Missouri Register, not the draft copy on this site. Refer to the official copy if you wish to submit comments.

We hope you find this site helpful and informative.

Proposed Rule Summary Fiscal Note(s) Supporting
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Impact Statement
Date Posted
5 CSR 20-400.450

There is hereby established within the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (department) the "Missouri Advisory Board for Educator Preparation" (MABEP).  MABEP shall advise the State Board of Education and the Coordinating Board for Higher Education as provided in this section and foster meaningful and substantial collaboration and transparency among all statekholders in the interest of improving the quality of teacher preparation in Missouri.

Yes N/A
6/2/14 Volume 39, No. 11
N/A 9/10/14
5 CSR 20-400.450 Order of Rulemaking No N/A 11/3/14 Volume 30, No. 21  N/A Filed 9/18/14
5 CSR 30-660.080 This rule defines the process to identify "Performance Districts" as defined in section 163.011, RSMo, and as applied to the foundation formula for funding public schools. No N/A   N/A 12/10/14